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Reflexology is a holistic treatment benefiting the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of the client. There are reflex areas on the feet which correspond to all organs of the body, making the feet a “ mirror image” of the body. Treatment consists of a methodical application of gentle pressure by the therapist using fingers and hands over all areas of the client`s feet or hands. Reflexology can bring profound relaxation, thus reducing the effects of physical and emotional stress.

Who can benefit from reflexology

Babies, children and teenagers

Babies benefit from short reflexology treatments and can be incorporated with baby massage. It can reduce stress and support relaxation and sleep in newborn babies. Reflexology can help children and short treatments can be given in a fun, interactive way. For teenagers coping with stress and pressures of modern day living, reflexology can be really beneficial by helping them to sleep better, feel calmer and improve their sense of wellbeing.


Many women have incredibly busy and stressful lives. More women work now than ever before as well as running the home and family life.  Times that can be particularly challenging for women include puberty and adolescence and especially premenstrually as well as the menopause. High stress levels on top of these fluctuating hormones can mean that women may need to do something extra to help promote their wellbeing. Reflexology can help to reduce intensity and duration of menstrual pain


Many men are working longer hours and have a bigger role in family life as their partners work also. On average men die younger than women and take 6 times longer to see a doctor. High levels of stress can show with headaches, indigestion or tiredness. Reflexology may be the perfect way for you to bring relaxation back into your life,


Often with age comes long term illness, pain, reduced mobility and reduced social contact. Reflexology can help you to relax and de-stress while possibly helping with other problems such as pain, sleep patterns or mobility.




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